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Swimming pool repair is a significant part of the swimming pool  industry. Anyone that is in the swimming pool repair industry must be prepared to complete repairs. Pool equipment is left outside 24 hours a day and runs 6-8 hours a day. Sun and wind rain all degrade the equipment over time. Due to these harsh conditions, equipment does break and does need to be repaired or replaced. Our intent is to keep all equipment running in the condition in which it was designed to run. This includes the salt systems which is now common among South Florida swimming pools.

Another significant issue tin swimming pools in South Florida is the fact that they leak. This is another very common repair but may take an expert to find and repair the leak. Experts use different methods for leak detection ranging from dye testing to pressure testing to underground sonic listening technology. Our company offers a on staff repair team so we can provide same day or next day repair this gets your system up and running rite away with the correct swimming pool repair and will prevent your swimming pool from turning green.

Our techs will write a repair card on any issue that occurs when we are completing the weekly repair evaluation. The office will then notify you so that you are aware of the situation we will also provide you with your choices and pricing on each choice.


We will always be willing to come out and give you a free repair evaluation and free quote on service.

As a final thought I would like to discuss  energy savings and variable speed pumps and modern swimming pools pump are much more energy efficient since a standard pool pump is the 2nd most energy consuming device you will significantly improve your energy savings by switching to a variable speed pump.