Pool service cleaning is our core business here at Sparkling Blue Pool Service. We have over 300 customers and are continuing to grow each week. We take pride in each and every weekly pool service cleaning that we perform. We have marked vehicles and uniformed technicians. Quality pool service cleaning is something that we take pride in and we strive to become better and better each day.

We have developed a process so that each pool service cleaning is identical to the last will use a systematic method for delivering the chemicals and a practiced approached to performing the pool service cleaning exactly the same each time.

We at Sparkling Blue Pool Service have a policy that if you are unsatisfied with the way your pool service cleaning came out we will come back and redo the pool service cleaning free of charge. We do this because we want to make sure that each and every customer is satisfied after each and every pool service cleaning.

We have locations In Palm Beach gardens, North Palm Beach, Wellington, West Palm Beach, Lake Worth, North Boynton Beach, West Boynton, East Boynton Boca Raton, West Boca Raton. With locations across the county we can provide Service and repair for swimming pools with a high quality of standard.

How do you know if your pool is leaking?  The first step is observing the water level.  In summer, with high humidity and frequent rains, your pool’s water level should remain level or rise.  If you are adding water more than once per month your pool is almost certainly leaking.

How serious is the leak?  Fortunately over 90% of all pool leaks are above ground and may be readily located and repaired.  The most common areas for leaks are skimmers, lights, and returns.

How does the repair work?  We will evaluate all above ground areas of your pool including; skimmer, lights, returns, main drain, waterline tile, all PVC plumbing, and all equipment such as pumps, motors, and filters.  It is not unusual to find that a pool has several leaks.  We will repair all the leaks we find and warranty the pool against any further aboveground leaks for 60 days.

Call us for a No Risk evaluation.  We will determine if your pool is leaking.  If your pool is not leaking we refund your fee.  There is no risk to finding out for sure if your pool is in good condition.  Call Stephen at (561) 632-1650.

For more information please watch the video or click HERE for more information on leaks or HERE for more information on leak detection and repair.

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Pool Service calls are scheduled for your convenience on a weekly basis. On a set day and time of the week, a Sparkling Blue Pool Service pool service technician will safely test and validate the chemical levels in your pool. If these levels are low, then the technician will add what is needed to correctly maintain pH and chemical balances for the coming week. Weekly visits include vacuuming the pool floor, brushing pool walls, screening the surface, cleaning the skimmer baskets and attached pumps as well as inspecting other pool equipment and promptly notifying you of any issues. Pool filter cleaning is performed twice a month during these routine maintenance visits.

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When considering whether or not to outsource the work involved in maintaining your pool, remember that ongoing pool upkeep is at least a weekly task. This frequency is unavoidable considering the precise condition your pool needs to be in for optimal use. This means that every week – week in and week out – you have to travel to the pool supply store, wait in line, purchase supplies, come back to the property and administer any changes all the while hoping you’re doing everything correctly. A routine service job might only involve adding chlorine and acid one week, but then there are times you’ll need to purchase more expensive reagents like stabilizers and other additives.

Just about every pool owner who attempts a ‘Do It Yourself’ pool service job regrets not calling in the professionals because their pools turn green at least a few times every year. The reality is that roughly 9 out of 10 people who self-service their pool report algae blooms causing a green pool about every other month. Also, shock treatments using standard Jacks Magics products require three or four times the chemicals normally used for routine pool maintenance. But there are even more costs to consider: replacing faulty hardware, torn pool screens, expired chemical stock, etc…it all adds up! What’s more, in addition to all the costs you absorb, you’re the one who has to toil in the hot sun without a Hammerhead vacuum to minimize the workload; a Hammerhead Electric vacuum is one of many standard issue pool tools used by most all pool service professionals because it reduces by half the time spent vacuuming.

Lastly, purchasing the correct Hayward equipment can be time-intensive and costly, but it’s necessary for your pool to be in tip-top shape. It’s for all of these reasons that hiring Sparkling Blue Pool Service is the obvious and best decision to make. We think you’ll immediately see why working with us is the clear answer – if it isn’t, we’ll return to make it right for FREE!

Absolve yourself of the worry and headaches associated with keeping your pool in swim-ready condition by contacting Sparkling Blue Pool Service today!

Sparkling Blue Pool Service has been in business for over 20 years. The company was founded by Linda and Dale Cohsun. We use the same work ethic and continue to provide weekly pool service swimming pool contracting and swimming pool maintenance to all of Palm Beach County. We are based out of Boynton Beach and are proud member of the community.

There are many things we have done to make our pool service one step above the competition. For example,multiple locations Lake Worth, Wellington, West Palm Beach and Boynton Beach which is located near are warehouse labeled MS interior Finishing. We also have dry chemical systems that allow the balance of the chlorine to be level all throughout the week in between service visits.

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Weekly Pool Service

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We help you enjoy your pool! Our weekly pool service is available to customers located throughout Boynton Beach & Palm Beach County. Let us manage the pool maintenance services you need so you never have to wonder if your pool is swim-ready. We are experts in pool cleaning, chemical balancing and many more pool-related services. Your green pool can be made blue again and we can help make it happen!

Weekly pool service is something that we are very confident in. Our company Sparkling Blue Pool Service has been in business for over two decades. We now under new management and are rapidly expanding our focus on customer service in order to allow us to differentiate ourselves from other pool service companies in our area.

One major difference is our policy for customer satisfaction.  If you are not happy with the way your pool looks after your weekly pool service we will send a pool service technician back to clean the pool for free so that the pool is up to your standard.  This is not something that happens often with our company but we take it very seriously when it does.  We believe every customer should be satisfied with every service visit.

Our company is based out of Boynton Beach Florida and we provide service for all of Palm Beach County.  We have chosen to remain a residential only pool service company for the time being based on the fact that we feel commercial pool service is very different from residential and we want our focus to be on our residential specialty. We have very attractive introductory rates so if you are considering trying out a new pool service company give Sparkling Blue Pool Service a call.  You can look at our Google My Business Page and read the ratings and reviews listed by our customers. We are happy to give you 50% off the first month so that you could try us for a significantly discounted rate and experience our quality of service for yourself.


The Six Biggest Reasons to Choose Sparkling Blue Pool Service

Pool Service Rates That Fit Your Budget

We pride ourselves on the value offered to our customers. Hiring Sparkling Blue Pool Service to service your pool in Boynton Beach Palm Beach County means you’re entrusting the health of your pool to industry experts at a price you really can afford!

Punctual, Reliable Pool Service Technicians

We employ only the most reputable and dependable pool service technicians. This means that you know precisely when to expect us week-in and week-out, and you know your pool will be consistently well cared for every time. Because we want to build trust with our customers, we assign a single technician to every pool.

Free Pool Service Estimates

We make it easy to find out how much it will cost you to keep your pool in top shape. In fact, your quote is FREE! Just contact us and let us know the dimensions of your pool and your location, and we’ll have an estimate drawn up right away.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are confident that our pool cleaning services are the best available anywhere in Boynton Beach & Palm Beach County. Our policy states that if you’re unhappy with our services for any reason, we will return to make it right – for FREE!

Customized Pool Service

Every pool is different. Their layouts, frequencies of use and owner preferences vary widely. As such, we focus on truly getting to know each customer we serve so that the services we provide are an exact match with what is needed – nothing more, nothing less.

Sparkling Results Every Time

By implementing our proprietary “3 Steps for a Sparkling Blue Pool”, Sparkling Blue Pool Service will assure that your pool is pristine and inviting throughout the year!

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